Solar Panels? Here in the UK?

"The UK isn't sunny enough for solar panels to work....."

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Th UK has valuable solar gain

It's a common misconception that we don't get enough sun in the UK to be able to support an efficient solar thermal domestic hot water system.

Solar panels (or collectors) use diffuse radiation to harness the power of the sun. They do not rely on direct sunlight. The solar thermal market in the UK, even in these tough times, is one of the few industries that is demonstrating phenomenal growth.

The map below show the typical amount of solar radiation falling on the UK. Depending on where you live, the map should give you a good idea of the amount of energy in your area, free, that you could be harnessing and putting to good use!!

Solar radiation in the UK (Source :STA)

How much energy does that mean for me?

Take a look at the calculator below. Select 'UK' from the drop down list, and then the town or city closest to you. This calculator will give you a good indication of how much solar energy you're currently missing out on, free, every year, by not having solar panels...

The figure quoted by month is the amount of energy, in Kilowatt hours falling on one square metre of your roof every day

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